Engineering Jobs

Fort McMurray Alberta Oil sands Engineering jobs
Suncor Energy, Syncrude Canada, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., Shell Canada

  • Power Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Contruction Enginner
  • Project Engineer
  • 2nd class Power Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Senior Process Engineer
  • Reliability Project Engineer
  • Experienced Materials/Metallurgical Engineer
  • Senior Field Engineer
  • Power Engineers/ Operators
  • Student Geotechnical/Geological Engineer Co op/Discipline
  • Senior Automation Systems Engineer – DCS Specialist
  • Electrical engineer (instrumentation engineer
  • Geomatics engineer
  • Power engineer
  • Mining engineer (Mining Truck Engineer
  • Chemical process engineer
  • Geotechnical engineer
  • Civil Field Engineer
  • Civil/Structural Reliability Engineer

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Search.  There are lots of job listing resources online.  Make use of it.  If you don’t have any access to computer, newspaper is the next best thing.  There’s always posting on the classified ads!  Or maybe, ask around.  Ask your family and friends, if they know of any job opening that meets your expertise.

Once you find the job that you want, go for it!

We have listed the major oil sands companies here in Fort McMurray and the most current job opening.  They are always hiring!  Visit their website and register to their career section.  Upload your resume and impress them with your cover letter!  It’s always a good thing to be honest with what you can really do and your qualifications.

Prepare a Resume.  Resume is one most important thing you need to work on when applying for a job.  Impress your future employer with your resume.  You can create an online profile/resume on most companies recruitment website.

Make sure you read and follow instruction on how to send your application. Most companies prefer to accept applications online through their website, an online recruitment website  or job board.  But some still prefer applications to me mailed, fax or in person.

Apply for a Union Job.  Most companies get their labour from the Union, so if you’re having trouble getting in directly in a company here, why not get listed in the Union?

Check out Union Fort McMurray for Union listing by trade.